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Cooking school

Take a Tuscan cooking course in the historical kitchens of Villa Le Corti in the heart of Chianti.

The kitchens, which were originally built in 1600 in Villa Le Corti, take on a new life with Clotilde Corsini. They are the ideal environment to live the experience of cooking courses in the heart of Chianti, only 20 km from Florence and 60 km from Siena.

The kitchen is constructed in wood. The bread oven with its ample chimney and a rotisserie (built according to Leonardo Da Vinci’s blueprints) today hosts cooking lessons using recipes handed down over the centuries. Here, budding chefs can learn about the history and culture of Tuscan cuisine.

Every lesson lasts about 2-3 hours and ends with a tasting of the dishes prepared, accompanied by Principe Corsini wines. Children are welcome.

For information and reservations:
t: +39 055 8293026