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Tenuta Marsiliana

In Maremma, a reserve of life, air, and space

Located in the heart of Maremma in Tuscany, the Marsiliana Estate has almost 3000 hectares of fields, forests, springs, vineyards, and olive tree groves. The origins of its name come from Bella Marsilia, a girl who was captured by the Turkish pirate Barbarossa and taken to the sultan in Constantinople as a gift.

It is a name that speaks of the seas, like the air it breathes, and of a Mediterranean countryside whose unspoiled beauty has remained intact thanks to the Corsini family.

The Marsiliana Estate is reached by traversing a landscape unlike any other, with trees, villages, fields, vineyards, and white roads that come together in a timeless portrait of Tuscany.

This unique environment has been kept beautiful and whole by the Corsini family for generations, and brought forth again with the fruits of the generous earth: wine and olive oil.

Love for this land in the heart of Maremma inspired Tommaso Corsini to find and identify several important Etruscan necropolises in the end of the 1800s. Today, along with the Medieval Village, these sites represent the continued historical heritage of this territory.

In this last fragment of Maremma, the human footprint is still in perfect harmony with this reserve of nature, air, and space.

The heritage of this land did not happen by chance, but depended on the management of the territory that coincided, over a span of nearly three centuries, with the choices and work of the Corsini princes.