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IGT Toscana Sangiovese

FICO is a gift to the future.

The idea to create this new wine in close and harmonious respect to the environment matured during the multi-faceted professional experiences that Filippo Corsini, the first son of Clotilde and Duccio Corsini, lived throughout a year spent travelling the world.

Returning home to Villa Le Corti, the house of the family and the historical seat of the wine estate and cellars, he approached his father with his newfound experience and knowledge and proposed his project: to create a wine which was the embodiment of a new direction, to produce a wine which followed a different set of criteria, capable of complying with the rhythms and organic cycles of the vines and of the natural environment which, in itself, furnishes all that is necessary for the creation of a great wine. For the young Filippo, the project did not only represent a contemporary interpretation of tradition as learnt through the experiences gained but further, an authentic philosophy of life.

2015 marked the first harvest of FICO, a 100% Sangiovese wine which takes its name from the fig tree on the boundary of the Gugliaie vineyard, one of the property’s finest piece of land. From these carefully chosen eight rows, taking a holistic bio-dynamic approach, Filippo put in to practice and subsequently bottled what is, in effect, an interpretation of his own personal vision of winemaking. This first harvest produced 280 numbered and organically certificated bottles, cementing this philosophy for the future of Principe Corsini winery, partner in the project.

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Date of harvest: 
18 Settembre 2018
2016: 96 pts James Suckling
2015: 96 pts James Suckling
2015: 92+ pts Wine Advocate
Doppia selezione delle uve, sgranellatura e ulteriore selezione manuale; trasporto dei chicchi nelle barriques aperte fermentazione 16 giorni; durante la fermentazione l'immersione del cappello quotidiana è fatta con le mani
Number of bottles produced: 
9 mesi nelle Barriques usate per la fermentazione
Alcohol content: 

FICO 2018

IGT Toscana Sangiovese

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